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A regis: merci pour le code et les efforts. Je Mais de l aide serait le bienvenu :. Je vais surement faire un repository sous Github. Ce sera surement plus simple pour partager le code. If you don't want to use Github, send me your zipped code that I will put in a new branch. Thanks for your interest guys Le programme que je fais est en VB. There needs to be a place to enter values for the Local Oscillator s , not built into the source as there are different values for different equipment.

But without the hardware, I cannot test. SubmitTuneRequest around the line , it might be possible to make it work. I will be happy to integrate this working feature in CodeTV! Since there are different values needed for different equipment, it should be entered similar to Frequency. Frequency ;. Not sure it actually work. I hope it will help you. The Infos - Transponder is populated, and looks correct. Any way to use Generic Demux, and let it auto populate? It looks like it is using a previously locked Transponder.

Back to the drawing board. And If you click on the "Transponder" or "Channel Infos", you can see all the needed data with the PIDs of all the channels in a transponder.

For archiving and compression command-line tools, see Archiving and compression. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of file comparison tools. See Pacnew and Pacsave files Managing. Vim and Emacs provide merge functionality with vimdiff and ediff. This section lists utilities for file searching based on filename, file path or metadata. For full-text searching, see the next section. See also Wikipedia:List of search engines Desktop search engines.

Grep and its alternatives provide non-indexed full-text search. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of revision control software. See also Wikipedia:List of build automation software. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of integrated development environments. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of hex editors. See also Wikipedia:Literate programming. See also Git server Advanced web applications. See also Wikipedia:List of tools for code review. See also Wikipedia:List of game engines.

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See the main article: Internationalization Input methods. See Partitioning Partitioning tools.

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See File systems Types of file systems. See Disk cloning Disk cloning software. See S. GUI Applications. See File recovery List of utilities. See also Category:Status monitoring and notification.

McIDAS-V User's Guide

See also Wikipedia:Font management software. See man page Viewer applications. See Time synchronization. See Xrandr Graphical front-ends. See Backlight Backlight utilities. See Power management Userspace tools.

See pacman tips Utilities. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of text editors.

Some of the lighter-weight Integrated development environments can also serve as text editors. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of office suites. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of word processors. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of spreadsheet software. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of database tools. See also TeX formula editors and Wikipedia:Formula editor. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of document markup languages. See also Wikipedia:AsciiDoc. See also the official website and Wikipedia:Markdown. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of reference management software. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of optical character recognition software.

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of notetaking software.

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See also Wikipedia:List of concept- and mind-mapping software. See also Markdown editors and Wikipedia:Full-screen writing program. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of computer-assisted translation tools. For detailed guides, see the main ArchWiki page, Security. See also Wikipedia:Comparison of packet analyzers. We've released nine full versions and an almost infinite amount of smaller updates since then.

Take a look with us at the interesting history of MacFamilyTree since the release of the very first version in There's an image of each version so you can see how the user interface has evolved over the past 21 years. The user interface, including all buttons, labels and menu entries, automatically adapts to the language settings in your Mac's System Preferences. Currently, the following languages are available:. MacFamilyTree 9 requires macOS For the sync between different devices an iCloud account is required.

What customers say. Great product and outstanding support. I wrote this morning with a question and received an answer in less than 5 minutes. Finally, a user friendly genealogy app that is enjoyable for me to work with on my iMac.

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The price is right. And, you own it - without having to rent it. There are so many options for making reports, and website building, and working with photos within this new version. This is my favorite genealogy app, now.