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Use caution. A: Unlike Guitar Pro for Windows and Mac, this app does not let you change the notation in an existing Guitar Pro file, or create sheet music in standard notation. It is however possible to edit a single-track tablature with the NotePad tool and export your work into. Editing a drum track is not available with the NotePad tool. Thanks for using Guitar Pro! We provide regular updates so it continues to work great for you. Incredibly useful tool for learning difficult songs. But the interface is clunky as hell. It just makes the staff tiny with a lot more white space.

GP6 - How to use Guitar Pro 6 soundbanks

I bought this app. To learn how to play songs.

I bought it here in App Stores what user name? Sorry for the respond late. When you bought the app obviously you use your password to buy the app. And you downloaded you open the app?

Arobas Guitar Pro 6 Deluxe Soundbank

And works right? If you respond is yes and that case you are ok. Now you say that you press the the guitar bottom and nothing happens? Now this could be a simple problem 1.

Check the guitar if the battery is charge if blink it means it is 2 when you open the guitar pro. Go on the right corner where you see a little sign square for chords where you want to learn any scale or go where it says lessons when you are on either one ones you have open and you are ready to learn.

You gonna see a Bluetooth sign is like dar gray color click that one. Is going to blink until you press the bottom on your guitar.

What is a GPBANK file?

And when both are connected that Bluetooth on the cellphone will turn on blue which means is connected but make sure your guitar blinks first before you connect because if the battery is dead it will not respond to your Bluetooth I hope this help you. Hello, It is possible to connect the app to the Fretlight guitars.

The Guitar Pro team.