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Will it though? Every time. I've been harsh on Apple products and services over the years and a good therapist with a specialization in technology might be able to tie that back to my general and immediate disdain for iTunes.

50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod

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  4. Curtis Silver. Read More. You can quickly put music even on the original iPod brought to life 15 years ago.

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    Smart Adaptive Conversion. Automatic WiFI Connectivity. Your ultra-portable iPod accepts very few of music formats out of the whole ocean of them.

    Sure, it can play back MP3, which is the most spread format worldwide, and perhaps this is enough for most people, but HD quality music encoded in FLAC is a non-starter. Nevertheless, there are more and more music fans who would like to stick to lossless music.

    More on playlists and syncing music to an iPod shuffle

    Moreover, you can transfer any music file onto your iPhone by following this guide — how to put MP3 on iPhone. WALTR swaps the container with the compatible one on-the-fly. The difference in sound between lossy and lossless formats is quite impressive. During 15 years Apple released 5 models of the device and more than 20 generations. There have been more than millions of devices sold worldwide!

    The whole army of iPod lovers! Above: More affordable Apple devices make more convenient HomeKit smart home controllers.

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    The correct approach is for Apple to redouble its efforts across all of these products. Shrinking and speeding up the existing Mac mini would give it an even greater chance of fitting into new roles within homes, as well as making it more of an impulse buy to replace old PCs. As for iTunes, a rename and complete visual overhaul focused on easing access to its varied music and non-music features would go a long way toward fixing its problems.

    Apple has enough resources to work on plenty of products at once — it just needs to start putting more emphasis on the ones that will bring the next round of customers into the fold.