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Get Polarr on the App Store. It excels at one-click fixes and filters, and is perfect for busy photographers looking for a quick edit.

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Get Fotor on the App Store. The powerful editing toolkit is very easy to navigate, and advanced features include batch editing, panorama and collage options, and numerous filters. Because the interface is easy to figure out, you will find that your editing skills improve dramatically with experimentation.

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No matter what your experience level is, PhotoScape X will help advance your technique. With Image Tricks, you can add text overlays, frames, and wild distortions to your pictures, as well as make a few basic adjustments like highlights and color saturation.

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Get Image Tricks on the App Store. Photos is primarily a photo storage platform, allowing you to group photos based on the time and place they were taken, use face detection to find photos, and quickly order prints. But not everyone knows that it comes with impressive editing tools, like retouching, white balance adjustment, and noise reduction. Learning new photo editing software will definitely leave you with many copies of the same picture: This might be helpful: Ivan Exploring latest tech trends.

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Unclutter your photo library on Mac. Its development, particularly since the introduction of the Creative Suite versions, has been evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. However, each release sees it become an even more rounded and solid application that runs natively on OS X.

Top 5 Best FREE Photoshop Alternatives

It is usually clear that other photo editors have drawn their inspiration from Photoshop, though none can match the feature set that allows for the flexibility of non-destructive adjustments, easily applied layer styles and powerful camera and lens specific image corrections. If you're restrained by a limited budget, then you can't find cheaper than free and that is what GIMP is.

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GIMP is often spoken of as a free and open source alternative to Photoshop, though the developers deliberately discount this. GIMP is a very powerful and flexible image editor that can be further extended through many free plugins. However, it isn't able to match Photoshop in several ways, including the lack of adjustment layers to make non-destructive edits to images and also the flexibility of layer styles.

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None-the-less, many users swear by GIMP and in the right hands, it can produce creative results that can match work produced by Photoshop. It is also worth noting that sometimes GIMP can offer tools not available elsewhere. If you don't mind spending a little bit of money, then you might also want to consider Pixelmator , which is a very stylish and well-featured native photo editor for OS X.

I feel Adobe Photoshop Elements deserves a mention here. Offering most of the features of Photoshop at a fraction of the price , it is certainly worth considering for home users, hobbyists, and even for some professional work where advanced features are not needed. OS X comes with the Preview application pre-installed and for many users this will offer enough tools and features for making simple adjustments to digital photos.

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However, if you're looking for a little more functionality, without the steep learning curve of GIMP or Photoshop, then Seashore would be well worth a look, particularly as it is offered for free. This attractive photo editor has a clear and intuitive interface and a user guide that will take basic users with little knowledge through the concept of layers and image effects.

It would be a good stepping stone for a move onto a more powerful photo editor, though it is likely to offer more than enough functionality for a large number of users.

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As I said earlier, trying to decide which is the best photo editor of OS X is really a matter of deciding which image editor does the best job of reaching various compromises. The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use this image editor. While it isn't the most powerful or best featured app, it is certainly near the top of the table.