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Neither did changing the scroll wheel setting in Logitech Options. Clicking the mouse's wheel motion button to switch from clicking to smooth didn't fix it either. After spending an inordinate amount of time searching on Google I discovered that one of macOS Mojave's new features, designed to provide more security, was instead wrecking my scrolling. MacOS is supposed to present you with a system prompt when you first try and activate one of these features, but I guess I ignored the option and moved along.

Here's how to enable Logitech mouse functionality as well as any other similarly broken features. They provide basic software to make their products functional. In that regard Logitech is no different from many other types of manufacturers. That way no matter which brand of mouse you buy the apps will likely be compatible with it. You have a Logitech now, but what if you got into gaming and bought one made by Razer or Corsair?

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse, Black

Should we complain that all manufacturers should be installing all the fancy upgrades on all their TVs? What about vehicles? The manufacturers provide a working vehicle usually , and the owner can then purchase accessories if they desire. A short reply. If you are going to have a control center to customize programming, then make it customizable for the user, not someone at Logitech.

Everyone, Logitech, Apple, etc wins when they make a better mousetrap no pun intended. When you need a mouse you need a mouse.

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What are the alternatives? Another crapple mouse, or some lame off-brand without all the buttons of the Logitech? With either of those you lose a LOT more functionality, so Logitech is still the better choice.

Not likely. Mac people will still buy the platform regardless. The vast majority have no need for the extra software and Apple would have to jack up the price of the computer to compensate for the added cost. Hi Guys, first of all i must apologize about my previous comment.

Some help…my Logitech M works with the El Capitain update but certain functions are creating issues. Becoming very difficult to navigate certain actions and programs with these problems. Than installed v3. Still scrolls in menus but no programmed button functions work anymore. No trace of anything USB related in Console. But there should be things to try — Terminal commands to reactivate a disabled driver or something. Having a tight fitting sleeve may ruin the usb connector. Anyone know how to get it to connect on BT? Mouse skitters around inconsistently, cannot drop files, freezes apps etc etc.

They have a beta version 5 out now not compatible with Sierra yet. Hi guys, here is my fix: macbook el capitan BT connection with iphone, JBL Xtreme, apple wireless keyboar last model and of course anywhere mx2. Why are you using it? My cursor works as it should except when the receiver is plugged into the back of my Mini, then sometimes it gets erratic.

After posting my last message, I discovered that whenever I unplug the receiver, USBOverdrive immediately stops working until I reboot. Once I had a problem that was solved by just putting in a new mouse battery.

Logitech M525 mouse, USB not recognized

My receiver for the VX Revolution is placed into my iMac keyboard and it is inches away from the mouse pad. Apple just does not seem very innovative since Jobs passed away. If I were CEO of Apple I would have replaced the not so mighty mouse with a functional mouse that had the software to program multiple keys. I can do it in a split-second. You obviously do a lot more text editing than me — my primary use is browsing. I have a Performance MX. Apple peripherals get little consideration for functionality.

Aesthetics are obviously their primary concern — they want them to be sleek and different, regardless of how useless they may be. For years users have clamored for a backlit keyboard, and Apple has ignored them — too busy tweaking the iPhone to care or come up with new products anymore. The Logitech K keyboard I bought last year is a helluva lot better than the Apple one I was using before. And it has a motion sensor to turn on the backlight when my hands are near! It solved my problem with hanging login screen. Now everything is fine after wake-up… ANyway — Apple, could do something with this sick behavior….

It generally works fine. The only thing that gets it back under control of USB Overdrive is to reboot. It has performed better, but has some glitches. Yesterday I installed an Apple security update that required restarting. After booting, Steermouse was nonfunctional. Then I tried the Reconfigure button and that got things going again. USBOverdrive is missing that feature. I used to nudge the mouse slightly when I returned, and the screensaver would stop.

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No big deal. My problem is the exact opposite. The scroll and left click work seamlessly. The point works periodically, stops working after every 5th time i turn on my computer or so. I have the latest software for mac os and logitech. I expect that a reboot will always fix the problem it has for me , but that is beyond inconvenient most of the time.

I believe the software has a free trial and requires a donation to unlock fully.

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It was well worth it to me back when I originally needed it. My old M had the customized buttons set but when I bought a new one it never worked. But you had that link to logitech options and all was well in the world again. Our whole studio is running in tip top shape again.

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