2008 mac pro ssd upgrade

In that case, you can either remove the lower optical drive and put it into an external case, or use one of the 4 standard bays.

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There is no specific how-to video for this, no tools needed, but the other OWC videos may be helpful in familiarizing yourself with the machine innards. Tools — the NewerTech piece Portable Toolkit is an excellent choice for most Mac hardware installation.

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I prefer to magnetize my screwdrivers with a small but powerful neodymium magnet, to avoid screws falling into awkward places. Sorry, no pictures as an older Mac Pro was not available.

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Then add your choice of SSD. The fan assembly needs to be removed to allow access to the SATA ports on the motherboard unless you have really small fingers.

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One is near the top at the motherboard, and the other requires removing the strongly-magnetized shield over the CPUs, at lower center sorry no pictures. For one drive, use the left-angle cable , for two drives use that and a straight cable.

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I advise installing two cables so that if you ever want to install a second SSD drive it will be pre-wired for it. All recent models of these machines allow easy access to the hard drive; see the manual or the excellent installation videos at OW C.

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  • All you need is the appropriate size screwdriver see Tools above. The form-before-function iMac design makes swapping the hard disk quite difficult, with risk of dust behind the monitor glass. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

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    Apple continues to arrogantly design the iMac to make it expensive and difficult to swap a hard drive. See the MacMini review. Display info:!

    Display Res Unknown. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Get up to 16x more storage and 2x the speeds of the original drive. Handpicked deals Outstanding protection against drops and impact!

    SSD drive into 2008 Mac Pro?

    Plus, excellent grip for wet hands, cycling, etc. Saved my iPhone more than once Setting the Startup Disk. We recommend you use antistatic tools for installing the SSD; wearing an antistatic wrist strap will enhance safety.

    Next, start the Disk Utility application from the Utilities folder see the screenshot , and select the SSD from the list on the left. At the end of the erase process, you are asked whether you wish to use the SSD to create a Time Machine backup. Download and install the cloning tool SuperDuper!

    Apple MacBook Pro (Early 2008 and Late 2008)

    Next, launch SuperDuper! Cloning the Macintosh HD will take a while — in our example it took over 3 hours. After SuperDuper! Find the suitable RAM now. The hardware part will vary depending on your MacBook Pro model.